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October 13: Organic community split over synthetics—and who holds the power

October 13: Ag cuts imminent

October 13: Conservation programs cut even as subsidy programs offered to world trade

October 13: Cotton yields hold priority over worker health in Turkmenistan

October 13: The potato finds its home in Peru


SEPT 15: UK organic community waging war on excess packaging

SEPT 13: South African farmers the new sustainable face of sugar

SEPT 13: Farmers beware--global warming getting to India

SEPT 12: Proposed sustainable label would represent farmers in the gray

SEPT 12: Citrus disease scares Florida growers

SEPT 12: Britain's NFU will have wool in the rafters of their new HQ

SEPT 9: EPA proposes new rules for human pesticide studies

SEPT 7: Grass hailed as potential cource of clean energy

SEPT 1: Johanns announces key component of animal I.D. system

SEPT 1: New report: GM-crop trials grow despite warnings

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AUG 30: Brazil's rise as farming giant has a price tag

AUG 29: Massachusetts grocers pledge to boost recycling

AUG 26: Appellate court rules for Tyson; Ranchers must pay

AUG 26: Endangered salamander focuses risks of common pesticide

AUG 26: National Organic Program holds off on pasture decision

AUG 26: USDA reverses withdrawal of organic certification for cosmetics

AUG 26: Xtreme eating

AUG 26: Switchgrass could be the Midwest's next big energy source

AUG 25: Europe tightens avian flu security on farms, at borders

AUG 24: Italy's State Audit Court reports on funds for organic farming

AUG 24: Johanns continues USDA farm bill listening tour

AUG 23: Aquaculture central to African Fish for All Summit

AUG 23: Organic consolidation continues as Hain buys Spectrum

AUG 19: French organic wheat threatened by lack of consumer interest

AUG 19: Bad food flooding Iraqi markets

AUG 19: Country of origin labeling on the table in the South Pacific

AUG 19: Report: New Zealand needs livestock identification system

AUG 19: Uruguay to contest U.S. rice subsidies

AUG 18: EPA takes away inspection privileges after Idaho lets feedlots slide

AUG 16: Syngenta bid to monopolize rice patents

AUG 15: USDA finds 1,000 violations of mad cow rules

AUG 15: Drought draining Midwest farmers

AUG 15: Even in small doses Roundup fatal to frogs

AUG 15: EU-U.S. ag subsidy dispute could threaten WTO trade talks

AUG 15: Manure spill clears out Black River

AUG 15: Flax fiber has new international standards

AUG 12: Rice becomes the first crop to have its genes mapped

AUG 8: Iowa city offers what may be the first organic tax break

AUG 5: Herbicide-resistant horseweed confirmed in California

AUG 5: Roundup Ready alfalfa worries growers

AUG 5: The supermarket turns 75

AUG 5: Minnesota fair features organic crop competition

AUG 5: Food provider's new policy: pass on antibiotic raised pigs

AUG 4: Suspect mad cow tests negative

AUG 4: Philippines lifts ban on U.S. beef

AUG 3: USDA announces latest round of farm bill forums

AUG 3: Hawaii residents sue for environmental review of biopharm algae

AUG 3: Cali. course a submersive dip in organic pool

AUG 2: UK blood donors told they may carry human mad cow disease

AUG 2: Organic produce, research take root on University of Idaho experimental farm

AUG 2: U.S. rice high in arsenic

AUG 1: Franco-Ontarian college goes organic

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JULY 29: Energy bill passes

JULY 29: Anaerobic digestion options exist for average dairy farm

JULY 29: Doctoral student changing soil's dirty perceptions

JULY 29: Baytril is out of the poultry diets, FDA says

JULY 29: Iowa family farm leaders challenge USDA agenda

JULY 28: Mad cow missteps shake confidence in U.S. beef

JULY 28: CAFTA becomes a reality amid ongoing concerns

JULY 28: Pregnant cow suspected of having mad cow disease

JULY 25: USDA announces preliminaries on 2005 CSP sign-up

JULY 25: College dining halls turning to organic food

JULY 25: California's organic research efforts in sync with state production levels

JULY 22: Pesticides could be reviewed every 15 years

JULY 22: Inventor of the TV dinner dies at age 83

JULY 22: French aid to fruit and vegetable growers under investigation

JULY 21: Bird flu deaths change Indonesia's culling policy

JULY 17: Soybean farmers could reap benefits from biodiesel industry's rapid growth

JULY 15: Seniors’ market program in jeopardy

JULY 15: Malawi explores biodiesel as a cash crop

JULY 14: Mad Cow Case: Court unblocks cattle imports from Canada

JULY 14: Japan finds more Bt10 corn

JULY 14: Tests confirm GM material in Aussie canola

JULY 14: Older Europeans choose ease of ready made meals

JULY 14: Toxic chemicals by the hundred found in blood of newborns

JULY 13: Corn ethanol takes more energy than it makes

JULY 13: Lawsuit challenges animal testing to avoid child pesticide limits

JULY 13: Indiana farmers paid to adopt conservation practices

JULY 13: UK encourages food producers to embrace regional distinctions

JULY 12: U.S., China sign food safety cooperation agreement

JULY 11: Organic beef hits the big leagues

JULY 11: 20th anniversary Farm Aid back to its Illinois roots

JULY 8: Sustainable agriculture chair endowed at University of California

JULY 8: China grain needs overstated

JULY 7: $100m bird flu plan cheap beside cost of human pandemic

JULY 6: Cargill to build nation's largest biodiesel plant in Iowa

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JUNE 30: Senate approves ban on human pesticide testing

JUNE 29: Senate panel narrowly endorses CAFTA

JUNE 27: EU environment ministers let five states keep GM crop bans

JUNE 27: Many countries cling to ozone-destroying pesticide

JUNE 27: Norway plans seed bank to safeguard food biodiversity

JUNE 24: U.S. mad cow suspect tests positive for the disease

JUNE 24: Philadelphia policeman dies guarding biotech conference

JUNE 23: WHO: Transgenic foods safe so far, but testing essential

JUNE 21: New grazing rules for public lands cut non-ranchers out

JUNE 20: Indonesian farm worker tests positive for bird flu

JUNE 20: Farmers accuse couch-dwellers of giving potatoes a bad rap

JUNE 20: Coffee crisis calls for sustainable solutions

JUNE 17: USDA handing out CAFTA propaganda in a news package

JUNE 17: Fast food with a mission

JUNE 17: Judge issues order in Harvey v. Veneman

JUNE 14: Feds sued for shutting cosmetics out of organic program

JUNE 13: Illegal rice found again in China's food supply

JUNE 13: Mad cow suspect found in the United States

JUNE 13: Country-of-origin labeling program faces possible delay

JUNE 10: If consumers follow USDA guidelines: A wheat case study

JUNE 10: Endangered Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep face culling

JUNE 10: Freshwater mussel decline linked to ancient corn growing

JUNE 9: Great plains farmers are diversifying

JUNE 8: Bush bill would open federal waters to aquaculture

JUNE 8: EPA sued over million farm kids exposed to pesticides

JUNE 7: New booklet speaks volumes about soybean rust

JUNE 7: House budget proposal hurts conservation programs

JUNE 6: Fresh basil source of Florida's cyclospora infection

JUNE 6: House to vote on slaughtering American horses for meat

JUNE 3: Wild Oats will sell only eggs from cage-free chickens

JUNE 3: South Carolina eyes game fowl extermination

JUNE 2: In Scotland, quiet processors hint at fear of the supermarket

JUNE 2: Nutrition labels have negative effect on small companies, study shows

JUNE 1: EPA factory farm deal faces challenge from citizen groups

JUNE 1: Worldwide register of genetic contamination introduced

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MAY 31: Afghanistan harvests another bumper opium crop

MAY 31: Obsolete pesticides piling up in Latin America

MAY 31: Biosafety talks center on trade in GM-foods

MAY 27: New, winter-hardy pea variety now available

MAY 25: Biotech corn intercepted in Ireland

MAY 25: Oregon State club hopes to grow student garden into full-fledge degree program

MAY 25: Clemson student farm now "Certified Organic"

MAY 25: Middlebury College receives $22,500 grant for wind turbine

MAY 24: Canada's organic task force on target for summer deadline

MAY 24: Organic farmers worry about their neighbors' chemicals

MAY 20: US beef markets move closer to normal

MAY 20: WTO appeals court rules against EU sugar subsidies

MAY 19: Roundup Ready soy yields tank during Brazil drought

MAY 18: Pennsylvania voters back $625 Growing Greener II

MAY 18: Minnesota aims to be Saudi Arabia of renewable fuels

MAY 17: New vegetable option for fussy kids

MAY 17: Bird flu talk dominates World Health Assembly

MAY 13: One in five British wild plants threatened with extinction

MAY 12: Cadbury Schweppes buys Green and Black's

MAY 12: EU's new attitude could budge trade talks

MAY 12: Norwegian fish farm escapees place wild salmon at risk

MAY 12: Harvard scientists call for keeping half the state as forest

MAY 10: Mayor of 'America's fattest city' proposes 'fastfood' tax

MAY 9: Japanese food panel eases mad cow testing rule

MAY 9: Sanitation keeps Brazilian beef from U.S. markets

MAY 9: Climate change already affecting plants, farms and habitats

MAY 9: EPA comment period closes for chemical tests on humans

MAY 6: Cranberries protect pigs against heart attacks, strokes

MAY 6: Clean diesel campaign offers nonroad technology grants

MAY 6: National animal identification system inches forward

MAY 6: Demand for organic grain on the rise

MAY 5: Farmers face elevated retirement risk

MAY 5: California Rangeland Trust founder wins stewardship award

MAY 4: OCIA proposal aids small international certifiers

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APR 29: Dean foods donates to organic education

APR 27: Supreme Court says farmers may sue in state courts

APR 26: Biotech rice firm looks at backup plans

APR 25: GM battle sprouts in the states

APR 20: Monsanto's plans for a GM-India on hold

APR 19: Buffer quells beer giant's GM-contamination fears, ends boycott

APR 15: Packer Ban back on legislative table

APR 15: Climate agreement promises farmers perks beyond clean air

APR 15: The trouble with mad cow disease

APR 15: EU nations agree to ban suspect U.S. corn gluten imports

APR 14: China grows transgenic rice despite GM-ban

APR 14: From farm to trash--UK pitches one-third of its food

APR 13: Genetically engineered crop trials double since 2003

APR 13: Listeria forces turkey, pork, sausage, salmon recall

APR 11: Wyoming offers solar, wind powered water pumps for livestock

APR 11: Indonesian pigs sick with bird flu

APR 8: In Japan, two weeks finds two more BSE confirmations

APR 8: Missouri ethanol firm signs $2 million Clean Air settlement

APR 6: Plant closure foretells rough times for Welsh dairy industry

APR 6: Contract farmers trapped by debt

APR 5: Organic farmers called to arms

APR 5: Whole Foods to label GMO-free products

APR 5: Vermont senate passes Farmer Protection Act

APR 5: Lethal sea lice spread from farmed to fresh salmon supplies

APR 4: Finnish dairy wins rare environmental honor from China

APR 4: Retail food prices rise slightly in first quarter

APR 4: Corn mix-up sends antibiotic resistant GM-maize to Europe

APR 4: Eco-friendly dishcloths unite Japanese community

APR 4: Laos dam promises fiscal aid at the expense of ag lands

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MAR 31: Monsanto seeks Brazil soy royalties

MAR 31: US officials fret over South Korea's response to GM corn mix-up

MAR 30: Hunger grows for locally grown food

MAR 29: Riceland stands against Ventria's GM rice

MAR 28: Ag department offers $22 million for rural renewables

MAR 28: In Washington, rainy days not enough to lift drought status

MAR 25: The (re)definition of pasture continues

MAR 25: Monsanto new U. of Nebraska donor and research partner

MAR 25: Windmills and organic beef help revitalize a struggling prairie town

MAR 25: $2.8 billion in ag cuts stand firm

MAR 25: UK school lunch crusade catches Blair's attention

MAR 24: EC proposes simplifying origin rules

MAR 23: Monsanto cleared for roundup ready flex cotton

MAR 23: Poland seeks ban on GM-corn

MAR 23: Biotech crops invade Latin America

MAR 22: US launches probe into sales of unapproved GM corn

MAR 21: Agriculture Dept. redirects $7 million to mad cow research

MAR 20: Monsanto on a biotech tear

MAR 18: New fact sheets introduce farmers to organic processing

MAR 16: Could next pandemic be stemmed by spicy cabbage?

MAR 15: Weaknesses found in U.S. mad cow feed ban

MAR 15: Vietnam struggles to hold bird flu at bay

MAR 11: Mexico agrees to discharge water debt to Texas

MAR 10: Wind power goes global

MAR 10: Local beats organic for title of 'Greenest Ag Movement'

MAR 10: Bolivia to test the GMO-life

MAR 10: China seen opening door soon to biotech rice

MAR 10: Hong Kong unprepared for potential food crises

MAR 10: Event: Soil Association Organic Trade Conference

MAR 9: California qualifies for $6.9 million for storm recovery

MAR 8: Judge upholds Canadian border closing in mad cow case

MAR 8: Local knowledge prevails in world's first biopiracy case

MAR 8: Mugabe government admits Zimbabwe food crisis

MAR 3: Agriculture export dumping booms over the last 10 years

MAR 3: San Francisco restaurant gives heirloom fowl a taste-test

MAR 2: Local economy loses millions to rice dumping

MAR 2: Complaint requires clarification of the organic pasture rule

MAR 2: USDA awards $15 million for farmers' market program

MAR 1: Court rejects Bush factory farm rule

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FEB 28: Hundreds of millions of dollars needed to control bird flu

FEB 27: Farmers ready for rust battle

FEB 26: Farmer group announces more organic farmers needed

FEB 25: Agriculture issues divide U.S. and Europe

FEB 24: Perchlorate in breast milk found nationwide

FEB 24: Bush judicial nominee not blamed for improper grazing deal

FEB 24: California rains kill cows

FEB 22: 100 turbine windfarm planned for North Dakota

FEB 22: New movie showcases the successful side of farming

FEB 21: EPA sued for backroom deals with pesticide makers

FEB 17: Tillamook Creamery bans use of artificial growth hormones

FEB 16: Banned as human food, StarLink corn found in food aid

FEB 16: Arizona rancher wins libel suit against environmental watch dog group

FEB 15: Agriculture commodity prices continue long-term decline

FEB 15: Biotech wheat liability measure defeated

FEB 14: China looking to make-over the world dairy markets

FEB 14: Mad cow slipped through feed rule crack

FEB 11: Terminator technology stopped, for now

FEB 10: Nutrition takes the lead in a plan to improve school lunches

FEB 10: Court rules USDA exceeded authority over organic program

FEB 10: Sustainable task force backs global approach to farm policy

FEB 9: PCBs, fungicide pave the way for Parkinson's disease

FEB 9: Famine fears rooted in Zimbabwe crop failures

FEB 9: Testing after French mad goat turns up Scottish suspect

FEB 8: Canada to unleash Terminator bombshell at UN meeting

FEB 8: Signs of recovery for Israel's food markets

FEB 8: EPA avoids regulation of chemical experiments on humans

FEB 8: USDA, EPA budgets face among largest federal cuts

FEB 8: USDA forced to reveal Hawaii biopharm crop locations

FEB 7: Afghanistan pins its hopes on pistachios

FEB 7: UN, U.S. officials try to calm mad cow fears

FEB 4: Lawmakers lash Bush's Canada beef plan

FEB 2: Farmers push for shield from biotech crop liability

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JAN 31: Water for food, water for ecosystems both essential

JAN 31: First person-to-person avian flu transmission confirmed

JAN 31: Massachusetts cranberry growers ordered to restore 25 acres

JAN 28: The "Make Mine Organic!" conference

JAN 27: Top ten agricultural law cases of 2004

JAN 27: Students find interest in locally grown food

JAN 25: EPA deal allows factory farms to avoid air laws

JAN 21, 2005: Last year's hurricanes hit today's vegetable industry

JAN 20, 2005: New Zealand growers using four pesticides banned by U.S.

JAN 20, 2005: Produce gets cheaper at major UK grocer

JAN 20, 2005: Organic company expands into conventional territory

JAN 20, 2005: New EFSA safety advice: freezing meat kills tapeworms

JAN 19, 2005: Iowa wind farm starts generating power

JAN 18, 2005: Some pesticides pose uncalculated risks

JAN 17, 2005: UK group hopes education will keep biofuels clean

JAN 14, 2005: Organic program's accreditation process audited

JAN 14, 2005: Grapegrowers meet to weigh the pros and cons of GMOs

JAN 14, 2005: Organic research funding on par with 2004

JAN 13, 2005: Monsanto assault on U.S. farmers detailed in new report

JAN 13, 2005: Fighting a GM take-over one community at a time

JAN 12, 2005: USDA feels heat in response to organic pasture controversy

JAN 12, 2005: Third Canadian mad cow rouses calls to retain import ban

JAN 12, 2005: EU lifts foot and mouth ban for parts of Argentina

JAN 12, 2005: Asian poultry trade status reviewed and largely rejected

JAN 12, 2005: Worldwide biotech crops experience near record growth

JAN 11, 2005: EC ban lifted for most Bulgarian poultry

JAN 11, 2005: Federal agencies must prefer bio, not petroleum, products

JAN 10, 2005: Canada organic—Can you define that, please?

JAN 10, 2005: In Israel, fat geese are a thing of the past

JAN 6, 2005: Monsanto fined $1.5m over Indonesia bribes

JAN 6, 2005: Bt corn "stumbles" on its way to total pest resistance

JAN 5, 2005: U.S. livestock community splits over mad cow ban

JAN 5, 2005: Florida station challenged for not airing complete BGH story

JAN 5, 2005: States petition EPA to protect children from pesticides

JAN 4, 2005: Baltic fish less contaminated than 25 years ago

JAN 4, 2005: Another Canadian mad cow raises cross-border fear again

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Research Updates

SEPT 15: Breeding a more sustainable potato

SEPT 1: Horticulture meetings feature record number of organic presentations

AUG 11: Shade trees can protect forage plants

AUG 1: Fresh-cut fruit moves into the fast lane

JULY 29: Rotation grazing boosts cropland fertility

29 de julio: Aumentando el almacenaje del carbono en el suelo

JULY 19: Snappy new pear is long-storing, blight-resistant

JUNE 22: Horticultural crops benefit from a good compost soak

JUNE 22: Researchers find resistance to soybean fungus

JUNE 22: Investigadores descubren resistencia al hongo de soya

JUNE 22: A sugar that's not so sweet for insect pests

JUNE 22: Un azúcar que no es tan dulce para las plagas

JUNE 16: "Show me the numbers"

JUNE 2: Manicured lawns lend green hand to Washington farmland

MAY 12, 2005: New pesticide relies on bacterium to fight root-damaging fungi

APR 26: Natural plant extracts seem deadly to formosan termites

26 de abril: Extracciones de una planta natural parecen ser mortal para las termitas Formosan

APR 13: Capturing carbon a key benefit of no-till soil management

13 de abril: Capturar el carbono es un beneficio clave de la labranza de conservación

MAR 31: It pays to know (and protect) your pollinators

MAR 23: ARS presents two new varieties of southernpea

23 de marzo: Dos nuevas variedades del guisante sureño

MAR 11: Using composts for disease suppression

MAR 8: Back to the future with AFSIC

FEB 7: A non-chemical strategy for getting rid of Canada thistle

JAN 27: Expanding organic pig feeding options

JAN 27: Organic farming and biodiversity

JAN 13: Research shows machines keep weed manageable

JAN 7: E. coli-free tea